Wednesday, September 29, 2010

USa Lesson #8...the final one!

You are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime.... a journey across the Atlantic ocean, 5000 miles from home (notice we are using MILES, not Kilometers!)

I have told you all the scary and ODD things about the US; the things that you need to know so that your 2 months there are as easy and comfortable as possible, but with each USA Lesson, I have seen the quizzical looks on your face and of course, I have heard the numerous times you asked that ever-present question....WHY?!

Today's lesson is not about the weird differences between our two countries or about the things you need to learn so you don't make some social faux pas in front of your new friends and family! Nope, today's lesson is about how WE Americans are JUST LIKE you Danes!

--We are as proud of our heritage as Americans, as you are of yours as Danish citizens.
--We fly our flag with pride in the same way you display your Dannebrog in celebration of the big things and the little things!
--We think our language, foods, and customs are the best, just like you think yours are!
--And we will defend our rights as Americans as vehemently as you will fight to protect your rights as Danes.
WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY...just like you love yours!
So don't be nervous about your journey or scared about how DIFFERENT things might be! I am living proof that you CAN survive living in a foreign country; in fact, you can be QUITE HAPPY there! So instead of worrying about all the "non-Danish" things in the US, EMBRACE the differences you find! I promise, it will make you a BETTER PERSON in the end!

And above all else, remember we really are not that different from you...
We also put on our pants, ONE LEG AT A TIME....

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  1. LOL at your last line!

    The world would be a boring boring place if we were all the same. It's our differences that enrich us and make us grow.

    Have a great trip everybody!