Thursday, September 9, 2010

USA Lesson #4

The Rules of the Road
Does this look familiar?

You are lucky you are going to an area where there is an actual focus on getting MORE people on bikes and MORE bikes on the road!

There are a few things you need to remember!
Although Washington residents are riding their bikes to work/school more, they are sharing the roads with people who do not share their philosophy about the road being for all... American drivers are RUDE (I can say can't! LOL)
They will HONK, shout at you, and perhaps even flip you off. So be prepared!

In the US, CARS HAVE THE RIGHT AWAY... and you MUST look out for them because they will NOT look out for you!

In the US, cars are allowed to "turn right on red"...think about the implications of this when you are on a bike....

Also, theft is a problem for bikers all over the US. The attitudes are not the same as they are in Herning, Denmark. So be smart if you have a bike that you are riding on a regular basis!

Here are some links to help you out:



And here is a note about the buses from a friend of mine living in Seattle:
If you cross the city limits you pay for 2 zones, otherwise you pay for just one. When you enter the bus, there is a sign saying either $2.00 or $2.25 depending time of day. If it says $2.00 that is for 1-2 zones. If it says $2.25, then it is $2.25 for one zone and $2.75 for 2 zones. If you are 6-18 years of age, you pay 75 cents no matter time of day or number of zones. Always carry quarters, as they only take exact money. If all you have is a 5 dollar bill, they will take it but can't give you back change.

If you want to take the bus to downtown, you pay as you enter. If you enter the bus downtown you pay as you leave. If you travel from one side of Seattle to the other, and go through downtown, you pay as you enter, make sure you get a transfer slip, and show that as you exit. And don't forget to say thank you to the driver. :-)

To plan your trip, go to it is like but not as good.

as promised:
Here is the US version of This will help you find routes from where you are staying to the houses of your classmates.

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